At Vagabond Photography we offer aerial photography services for four main sectors of
the industry, real estate, special event, commercial (constructions, landscape & development)
and inspections.

Gear Box Mukwonago Wisconsin

Gear Box Mukwonago Wisconsin

Pickeral Marsh, East Troy, WI

Pickeral Marsh, East Troy, WI

Real Estate:

   For our real estate clients we offer a view that helps your clients see whole picture(pun intended)  because lets face it, its one thing to see a home or potential business building from the ground but to see the whole property  in a short video or in multiple still photos makes the potential for them to buy the house that much better. It is also useful when selling large acreage parcels to show case to the perspective buyer some of the stand out features when walking the whole property might not be an option due to time constraints.

Special Events:

     Do you have special event like a wedding, sporting event, classic car show or anything you can dream up. At Vagabond Photography we can help you there as well. While we are still governed by the FAA as to where and what we can and cannot fly over we can still get you the event photos and video that will make you and your significant other or your marketing team happy with the unique shots they’ll have.


     Our Commercial clientele really mean a lot to us at Vagabond Photography and this is where we believe we can be the best service to you. When we say commercial clients its covers such a wide range of groups from construction and development firms to landscapers and conservation groups and everything in between.  We can help promote builders’ new buildings when they are finished and ready to be used.  Though before that we can give our clients regular updates of how the progress is going form the first day the first shovel is put into the ground to day the project is complete. This can be done at our client’s discretion of how often they would like us on a job site. With the drones we fly we can fly the same pattern over and over with programed way-points so you will see the same view time after time. This feature has really made our clients from the South Eastern Water trust happy as we have been able to fly over a few of their river works projects from start to completion.


     Inspections is something we at Vagabond Photography wouldn’t of thought would a been something our clients would have been super interested in having us out for but it has been a necessity here and there. Vagabond Photography can offer roof and building photos/video to check of damage after a major storm or to inspect what is going on top of a silo that is currently burning on the inside. We understand that incidents happen and you may need a record of it to show insurance companies or to help formulate your next plan of attack.


Silo roof inspection

Just past the tree line

Legal brief:

Vagabond Photography is a licensed FAA Part 107 pilot and is insured. We adhere to FAA rules and regulations. If a waiver must be applied for to fly in a no-fly zone please know there may be a longer wait while the waiver is being processed to photograph or video your project. The FAA can take up to 90 days to review the submitted waiver and can deny our request if they deem that we have not submitted the proper extended measures on the forum to work inside the no-fly zone and not cause a problem to commercial air traffic.

     We at Vagabond Photography look forward to hearing from you Contact Us today for and brief discussion and a quote for your project.