Holiday Events

     Every year at Vagabond Photography we get asked to cover a few corporate Christmas/holiday parties which start in December and can run through mid-January. Its always a good time for the employees and for us as well. It’s a night that everyone knows they are appreciated and the stresses of work get left at the door and on occasion there is a chance to win some prizes put up by work.

     If your company has a yearly Christmas/holiday party consider using Vagabond Photography for your party photography services. This way it allows your employees in marketing or human resources a night off as well. We know they spend a lot of time organizing these events and are normally handling some project/s at the event and it gives them one last thing to worry about. It also is good for in house and out of house marketing tool when recruiting new employees to show that your company is more than just a business to work for, but you represent a family that values their employees.