Family Portraits

     At Vagabond Photography we offer costume family portraits. This means you don't have to worry about going over to a friends house that worked with us and seeing the same cookie cutter type photos done at the same location as yours. 

     We like to use a location that is unique to your family and encompasses a location that means something special to you and your family.

    We also, encourage our clients to involve their family pets whenever possible because we understand they are just as important to and sometime more so than the husband or the kids. The other thing we like to bring into family photos is an activity or sport the family participates in and if possible is it something our clients would like to incorporate into the photo session.

    We understand when working with children they have their own ideas of what is going to happen during the family photo session. We take our time to plan ahead of time for that. If it means they get to play for a little bit before we get started so they become accustom to a new person and the camera gear we are more than willing to work with that or if we photograph a few frames and then let them have their time


Session Pricing

  • Up to a 2 hour session time

  • $175 session fee - due at time of photo session

  • Purchased prints also receive the digital download of purchased photos for social media use.

  • Client gallery for purchasing prints if unable to do so face to face

  • $100 digital downloads, ability to print up to 8x12's and print release