Senior Portraits

     At Vagabond Photography we offer mixture of classic and modern looks. Our location just outside of Milwaukee in East Troy gives us the ability to offer our seniors the option to be one with nature or dive into the fun fast-paced lifestyle of the city. Our services are designed for on site sessions, so each session is unique to the individual and can encompass several different locations during one session if need be.
     During our meet-and-greet sessions we like to get to know your personality so we can best accommodate your desires and bring your vision to life. If there is something special you would like to bring into your session like your pet (we love Fido), a classic car, a dirt bike, an ATV, a high school activity/sport or something you are passionate about, we are more than happy to craft that into your session.
     We understand that parents and Seniors often have very different ideas when the time comes for Senior Portrait sessions. Some clients want images that remind them of the Senior's childhood or a specific memory while others want a bold, contemporary piece of art that expresses the Senior's personality. Sometimes a client wants a particular atmosphere in their photos. We do a little give and take to create options they are proud of that will capture moments and memories for the whole family.



Session Details


We offer several session for our Seniors:

Senior Casey B.

Senior Casey B.

Photo session fee is $225, this is paid the day of the photo session. It can be paid in cash or check. The Photo session fee covers the day of the photos being taken and the photo that is sent into your school’s yearbook liaison.

Normally, we like to plan from 2 to 3 hours for our portrait sessions. We understand that sometime time constraints happen and we do not have the full time to photograph. Most of the time time our clients are done just around the 2 hour mark.

As for wardrobe changes we normally like to limit changes to about 3-4 total different outfits. We can always work with more but it does cut down on the total time in front of the camera so plan accordingly.

**Please know that our session price apply to the Greater Milwaukee area and if you are contacting us from a different part of the state and would like us come to you there will be an additional travel expense added on to the session fee.

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Viewing and Ordering

Senior Dalton R.

Senior Dalton R.

From your session we will show you between 10-20 images from the day’s session during our in-person viewing meeting. After the meeting your photos will be put on an online gallery which will be accessible for 6 month after the in-person viewing so you can better select the photos you would like to purchase.

When we meet with you to show case your photos we will talk with you about what types of prints you would like to better help you choose what is best for you. The last thing we want to do is sell you something that does not work out in the end. We also have the option if you are a client from outside the area to purchase online and your photos will be sent direct to you..