Alyssa's new gear

     Last week we received a phone call from one of our good friends and the subject of a few of our blog posts Alyssa Fencil. She called to notify us that she had gained another sponsor on her road to becoming a Paralympic athlete in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo Japan and that she would be needing new uniform photo.  As she described her new sponsor the TKDSCORE which is the Midwest distributor for Daedo, Wacoku and Truescore athletic gear for competitions, we could hear the joy in her voice as this is one thing off the list of things she doesn’t have to worry about.
     It makes us really happy at Vagabond Photography to see one of our long-term friends and clients making head way as an athlete in their sport. We also hope you'll take the time to follow her journey on her Facebook's athletes profile.

The Water Council - Water Leaders Summit

On May 23rd and 24th we had the privilege to cover The Water Leaders’ Summit for The Water Council of Milwaukee.  It was a great couple of days working in downtown Milwaukee at the Pfister Hotel.
Over the course of the two days while photographing the event we had the ability to hear Mayor Tom Barrett speak at lunch the first day and many other great speakers and panels. Topics ranged from providing clean water in developing countries to being better stewards of our water use here in the developed world. The evening reception was great fun and it gave us the ability to get some good photos of guest interacting with each other.

Lambdin Camp Seminar - Round 2

     Over the weekend I traveled back to Stevens Point Wisconsin to cover Lambdin Camp Round Two. This year, Olympian Stephen Lambdin came back to teach a taekwondo camp for martial arts athletes in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The event was hosted by Paralympic hopeful Alyssa Fencil along with Five Ring Martial Arts of Steven Point.
     It was a fun weekend and it was nice to be able to sit down with Stephen and hear about how his year has been. We were also able to photograph some of last year’s young athletes and see how they have progressed sense we have seen them last. The one thing that I have always been amazed with from athletes, is to see how they learn a move or a new technique at one seminar and then you don’t see them for eight months to a year and then you get to see how they have integrated that move/technique into their sport.
     I cannot wait to do this camp again it is always so much fun and over time, the people that come to these events become great friends.

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Watching friends get married

Over the weekend we had a fun weekend off to go and watch out good friend Joe get married to the love of his life Kelsey.

Normally I spend my time photographing a wide range of events from weddings, to senior and family portraits and corporate events. It was interesting because I really haven’t sat through a wedding in the last five to six years, normally as a photographer I listen for que’s and start to compose my photograph of what is about to happen. So, it was fun to sit in the passenger seat for once and just let it all happen around me.

Joe and Kelsey could not have asked for a better May day, the weather was great for us at the wedding in Wisconsin Dells, during the month of May it can be a guessing game of whether the weather will be warm or cold, rain, snow or shine (FUN FACT, Wi has had snow every month of the year but July).  Thankfully we ended up with a warm sunny day and a church with A/C. 

While sitting there watching the other photographers and I started to wonder is there thought process the same as mine? Is the lead photographer hoping the secondary got the shot of the other side of the church, are they hoping they won’t have to change batteries mid run? Then I chuckled to myself and thought yeah, they’re thinking the exact same thing I would be thinking if I was shooting right now.

As the night progressed it was great to be able meet up and chat with friends and acquaintances I had not seen in a few year and also meet some complete strangers and make some new friends.

So it got me thinking fellow photographers, if anyone is willing to share, are you able to sit back and enjoy a wedding that you are attending and not photographing or do you find yourself thinking I wonder what’s going through that photographers head?

Today I marry my best friend: The Morgan's April 2017

Yesterday at Vagabond Photography, I had the privilege of being able to show a recent bride and her mother the photos from her and her husbands big day.  I never get over be able to watch the joy come over a husband and wife's face when being presented with they photos for the first time. In this case it was the bride and the mother but it was still fun none the less.

One of the things we enjoy covering at Vagabond Photography is military weddings and this young couple made for such an enjoyable day.

Nici and Jack we wish you both all the best in life.

Fair winds and following seas.