Summer Fun

Well the long winter seems like it has finally come to an end in Wisconsin, so that means it’s time to get out and start working with our valued clients back in the great outdoors.

This summer in addition to working with our customers on their Senior Portraits, corporate and live events, weddings and sporting events, I plan to work in some time for personal projects.

So I would like to take this time to tell you about some four ideas I have for summer projects.

First being “dancing in the streets” it is a simple concept I would like to partner up with several people with a dance/gymnastic background and work them to pose them in areas you might not think to normally see a dancer. (Ex A foggy night on lit street in Milwaukee, on a rock in the middle of a stream, river or lake, basically places you wouldn’t normally think someone would belong.) This idea came to me a reviewing some photos from few years ago. At the time I was working with a few students from UWSP who were dance majors and their elegance and gracefulness started to get me thinking it is something we don’t take the time to appreciate much these days.

Second is “thinking outside the box” this is a project I actually started this winter and it was something to just past time with friends. So by thinking outside the box you and I figure out how to portray our plan inside 4’x4’ cube that I created. This has actually been quite fun for both myself and the models/friends involved so far. I had it suggested by a close friend that I find someone flexible and see what we could come up with involving creative lighting and poses.


Third is “Castaway” I live on a lake in Walworth Co. and it has a small island on it and from time to time I wonder while floating by what it would be like to be stranded on a bigger island. So I would like to try and recreate this image I have in my head of someone sitting on a shore line waiting for someone to come and rescues them.

The Fourth is “Forgotten” while driving around scouting for locations from my senior portrait clients I find quite a few run down places and coming from a journalism back ground I think well there has to be a story there. For this one I would like to partner up with a model female or male or both and have them and have it more themed as I was left behind or forgotten here. I had always intended to use the old Solvay Coke and Gas buildings but a construction company has put fence and the MPD is actively ticketing trespassers. So for now I am looking at using a few old houses and other buildings I have access to and old abandoned car/machinery.

I look forward to teaming up with some very talented people in the near future and start having a little fun with some of my own projects. If you are interested or a have a project of your own you would to collaborate on you can go to my contact page and shoot me a message. Contact