Watching friends get married

Over the weekend we had a fun weekend off to go and watch out good friend Joe get married to the love of his life Kelsey.

Normally I spend my time photographing a wide range of events from weddings, to senior and family portraits and corporate events. It was interesting because I really haven’t sat through a wedding in the last five to six years, normally as a photographer I listen for que’s and start to compose my photograph of what is about to happen. So, it was fun to sit in the passenger seat for once and just let it all happen around me.

Joe and Kelsey could not have asked for a better May day, the weather was great for us at the wedding in Wisconsin Dells, during the month of May it can be a guessing game of whether the weather will be warm or cold, rain, snow or shine (FUN FACT, Wi has had snow every month of the year but July).  Thankfully we ended up with a warm sunny day and a church with A/C. 

While sitting there watching the other photographers and I started to wonder is there thought process the same as mine? Is the lead photographer hoping the secondary got the shot of the other side of the church, are they hoping they won’t have to change batteries mid run? Then I chuckled to myself and thought yeah, they’re thinking the exact same thing I would be thinking if I was shooting right now.

As the night progressed it was great to be able meet up and chat with friends and acquaintances I had not seen in a few year and also meet some complete strangers and make some new friends.

So it got me thinking fellow photographers, if anyone is willing to share, are you able to sit back and enjoy a wedding that you are attending and not photographing or do you find yourself thinking I wonder what’s going through that photographers head?