Lambdin Camp Seminar - Round 2

     Over the weekend I traveled back to Stevens Point Wisconsin to cover Lambdin Camp Round Two. This year, Olympian Stephen Lambdin came back to teach a taekwondo camp for martial arts athletes in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The event was hosted by Paralympic hopeful Alyssa Fencil along with Five Ring Martial Arts of Steven Point.
     It was a fun weekend and it was nice to be able to sit down with Stephen and hear about how his year has been. We were also able to photograph some of last year’s young athletes and see how they have progressed sense we have seen them last. The one thing that I have always been amazed with from athletes, is to see how they learn a move or a new technique at one seminar and then you don’t see them for eight months to a year and then you get to see how they have integrated that move/technique into their sport.
     I cannot wait to do this camp again it is always so much fun and over time, the people that come to these events become great friends.

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